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I am glad that the authors of Successful Work-life Balance – The Flexi-work Way; The Mumpreneur’s Way have taken the initiative to publish this book which is filled with practical tips and comprehensive checklists of factors to consider, creative ideas and relevant examples of how organisations and individuals have successfully made use of flexible work arrangements.

This book will chart the way for mothers to take control of their lives, ask for what they need to work in a fluid and more dynamic way for the benefit of both the organisation, themselves and their families.

– Ms Claire Chiang | Senior Vice-President, Banyan Tree Investments & Chairperson, Employer Alliance

Sher-li puts it well: Flexi-Work Arrangements “does not mean more time; it just means more flexibility”! Successful Work-life Balance presents a candid insight into the life of the typical modern mum in Singapore who is working to give her best to her family while remaining relevant in the workforce. Great practical suggestions and realistic handles for starting a home business without losing sight of the main objective – to have time for the family!

– Mrs Joanna Koh-Hoe | CEO, Focus on the Family Singapore

Life is about developing potential – your own potential and those around you. When you have kids the equation shifts fundamentally- we embark on a new phase of life and it usually throws most off balance. What better catalyst than this to embark on a new venture or to negotiate a new balance with our existing employer? Balance is not a destination to achieve – it’s a struggle which we all engage in every day and we all need some coaching every now and then – something which this book sets out to help us do in a very non-intimidating way.

– Ms Pang Shu Ming | Executive Director of Mother care Singapore

An excellent and must-have book for all mums seeking flexi-work arrangements! A compilation of hard truths to manage the expectations of employers and employees. I loved the run-down on the types of FWA and the options available. This helps one to narrow down what’s suitable.

– Ms Joanna Portilla | PBM & Chairman, Ang Mo Kio CC WEC

This book gives a comprehensive overview of how both working mums and employers can capitalise on the flexi-work way to their benefits. Working mums can achieve work-life balance, and companies can find out more on how they can get started to implement work-life balance within the work place to improve productivity and retain key talents.

– Ms Violet Lim, CEO & Co-Founder, Lunch Actually